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Objects Related to Thomas Francis Meagher at the Bishop’s Palace Museum, Waterford

Signed poster of the young Meagher that he distributed while in prison in Dublin prior to deportation.

The last letter written by Meagher prior to deportation a remarkable document full of optimism many
references to ancient civilisations and to the United States.

Clarinet used by Meagher as a boy - he refused to play it in Stonyhurst to mark an anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

American Civil War staff officers sword. This sword is lavishly decorated and a second Meagher sword is also on display.

Silk sash from his American Civil War uniform.

Sprig of green he wore at the Battle of Fredericksburg he asked the Irish troops to wear sprigs of green so that the fallen Irish could be identified.

Green Coatee with brass buttons emblazoned with the Year 1782 it was worn by Meagher when attending meetings/dinners of the 1782 Club that celebrated the creation of the Independent Irish Parliament by the removal of restrictions imposed by the imperial parliament.

Large oil on canvas portrait of Meagher in his US Army uniform. The painting by TF Gallagher of New York a native of Waterford.

Two Civil War Medals awarded to Meagher the Kearney Cross and the Fort Sumter.

Objects relating to his father - Mayor Thomas Meagher

Portrait of Meagher in Mayoral regalia with civic chain.

Silver Chalice he gifted to the Sisters of Charity in Waterford.

Gold Topped walking stick a gift from the sons of Ireland in Cincinnati, Ohio. An inscription on the gold top indicates that the wood of the walking stick was cut from the tree grown on the grave of President Washington.
The hope was that the tree of liberty that flourished in the new world would some day take root in Ireland.


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